Forms are the business card of a company. For this reason you need to make sure that these are well maintained in order to reflect your company in a desired external effect.

There are different types of technologies that can be used to develop customized forms. Our developers are familiar with all existing form technologies: SAPscript, Smart Forms, PDF Based Print Forms and SAP interactive Forms by Adobe.

We will support you in the field of forms with fast response, customization expertise and excellent service. For companies that operate internationally, we have developed our own add-on called “FlexForm”. Whether it’s SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, PDF-Based Print Forms, Smart Forms, or SAPscript – changing and translating form content is a very tedious and error-prone process for any of the SAP form technologies. Particularly in the case of translations: If a document is translated into another language, it must always be manually ensured that textual content, presentation style and data to be read are correctly linked in the target language.

FlexForm works with so-called view clusters, which contain all form content. These table dialogs ensure that when creating a new form – whether with SAPscript, Smart Forms or SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe – the stored data is transmitted to the form and entered in the appropriate place in the variable. The form is then displayed as usual. The actual form remains untouched of changes or translations. The change itself requires only a fraction of the time normally required and minimizes the error rate.

Please contact us for any further information or questions regarding FlexForm or forms in general.

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