Agile Project Management:

In practice, constantly changing requirements in projects often result in additional administrative costs. The ongoing adaptation of project plans and scope results in higher costs and it is also time consuming. This is a clear disadvanage and it leads to project progress detriment.

Agile project management offers opportunities to react flexibly to the influences within and outside your organization.

Our team is made up experienced project managers who have been trained in agile project management methods, such as Scrum. As Product Owner and Scrum Master, we will support you in your project and help your organisation in the agile transformation.

We will accompany you in both sprint planning and the daily meetings. Together with the Scrum team we will develop instructive and meaningful retrospectives that will launch a continuously and more efficient cooperation which will lead to an increase in all project participants productivity. Agile methods are the tool of choice for projects without a fixed plan of action and flexible goals.

We also offer you:
Position of a Scrum Master.
Inwerken provides advice and clarification on the changeover to Scrum and its processes in the company.
Analysis and advice on processes as well as assistance in the development of individual hybrid procedures.
Use of individual Scrum-experienced developers in your teams on site.

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Further Information

Scrum agile project management flyer

You can download a brief overview here.

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Sascha Seegebarth

Sascha Seegebarth