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Pair Programming beim ABAP CodeRetreat

Am 15.02.2019 fand erneut ein ABAP CodeRetreat bei Inwerken statt. Hierbei wurde das noch immer in der SAP Welt „brandaktuelle“ Thema „Test Driven Development“ aufgegriffen und vorgestellt. Dadurch, dass sich die praktische Aufgabe der letzten CodeRetreats bewährte, wurde auch dieses Mal die Aufgabe Conways Game-of-Life programmiert. [ Mehr… ]

SAP Fiori Overview Page (OVP) – Kickoff

Sometime ago, we developed a dashboard solution that is applicable to the customer’s service area. Upon analysis, SAPUI5 was chosen as the technology that the solution would be implemented. There has always been an understanding and agreement to the chosen technology for Data Retrieval . The customer uses SAP Business Intelligence (BI) and which complies [ Mehr… ]

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The future is smart

Norh Dakota State University (NDSU) and Inwerken have their fingers on the pulse

After five exciting months we did it! The student team from the North Dakota State University and their mentors from Inwerken lead the project „Internet-of-things“ along the path to success!

With lots of commitment the team members have developed [ Mehr… ]

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IoT with the NDSU

Finally, it’s that time of the year again! As in past years, we are carrying out a project with the North Dakota State University. In this year’s project sensory data (temperature, gravitation, etc.) will be read from an embedded system (here: Banana Pi Pro) and sent to the SAP Hana Cloud via Bluetooth. Then, the [ Mehr… ]

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